EMERGENCY (888)860-0244 

24 Hour Emergency Care 365 Days a Year

Acute Abdominal Pain/Colic
Non-Weight Bearing Lameness
Eye Injuries
Dystocia (Difficult Birth)

Remember to remain calm and know vital information before calling:

1.     Clinical Signs—tell us what’s wrong, severity and duration of symptoms

2.     Vital Signs:

Normal Vital Signs:
Temperature: 99-101.0
Pulse/Heart Rate: 32-44 beats per minute
Respiratory Rate: 8-20 breaths per minute at rest
Capillary refill time: Less than 2 seconds
Mucous membranes: Pale pink

3.     Medications your horse is taking

If we do not answer, leave a message. We may be dealing with another ER and will call you back within 15 minutes.  If you do not hear back from us in that time frame, please call again.

Eight common clinical signs that may indicate your horse requires emergency veterinary attention.

We do not offer small animal emergency services. Please click here for a list of small animal clinics that do.