July Gastroscopy Event Proves Importance


Merial did a great job last month with this event.  Not only were we able to deliver valuable information to our clients but we were also able to raise awareness of gastric ulcers in horses.” — Allison Parnell, DVM.

Of the horses scoped, 10 out of 11 had ulcers that needed to be treated.

Gastric Ulcer Event + Premier Equine

Everyone was able to learn something new about equine gastric health! If you weren’t able to attend the seminar, here are a few key points:

– A horse produces up to 16 gallons of acidic fluid every day
– Grazing and chewing help buffer this acid
– Ulcers impact performance: horses without ulcers have a greater increase in stride, increase in oxygen consumption and can run longer before tiring. 

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Not sure what causes gastric ulcers? You can help your horse prevent them! Learn more. 

“Thank you Premier Equine and Merial, for such a wonderful, educational, evening. We learned so much, met new people, and had a wonderful meal! What could be better?” – L. Schrader