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Call Premier Equine Veterinary Service’s office today at 888-860-0244 to schedule an appointment for any one of our many services:   Preventative Care and Routine Wellness Services Preventative services are the foundation of every horse’s health and wellness. Vaccinations: There are a lot of scary diseases out there that can be transmitted through mosquitos, rabid […]

What to Expect from Your Horse’s Fall Appointment


The days are still long and hot, but cool weather is coming soon! And as the year flies by, don’t forget about your horse’s fall vaccination appointment. Fall is a great time to reassess body condition, teeth, nutrition, and overall health before heading into the cold of winter. Some points that we take note of […]

Equine Emergencies: What to Look for – and What to Do


Equine Emergencies: What to Look for – and What to Do The following are some of the most common emergencies we see as equine veterinarians. Colic: Colic is a broad term that stands for abdominal discomfort or pain. There are many causes of colic, and they often differ in their prognosis. What to look for: […]