July Gastroscopy Event Proves Importance


“Merial did a great job last month with this event.  Not only were we able to deliver valuable information to our clients but we were also able to raise awareness of gastric ulcers in horses.” — Allison Parnell, DVM. Of the horses scoped, 10 out of 11 had ulcers that needed to be treated. Everyone […]

Your Horse’s Health Portal


Here at Premier Equine, our primary focus is on our clients and the easiest ways for you to keep up with your horse’s health! Our staff stays current with the latest and greatest technology in the equine veterinary field to ensure we provide the highest quality service. From our digital coggins system to our Shockwave […]

What is Animal Chiropractic?


Chiropractic care in animals, just like in humans, seeks to maintain the optimal motion of all joints in the body, but especially the spine. Lack of normal motion in the spine can lead to back pain, lameness, lack of performance, or a decrease in overall health. The nervous system is the “command center” of the body and […]