Gastric Ulcers Could Cause Behavior Issues:


What Are Gastric Ulcers? Gastric Ulcers occur when acid produced by the stomach begins to erode the stomach’s lining. What Signs Should You Look For? Behavioral issues and decreased performance are the most common outward signs. However, if your horse begins acting differently, this isn’t an automatic diagnosis. It could just be a behavioral issue. […]



All horse owners should have some essential supplies and a well-stocked first aid kit available for emergencies. Consider having a separate kit for the barn and trailer, and a small wound kit to take with you on trails. Antiseptic cleaner (novalsan, betadine) Wound dressing- nonstick sterile pads (i.e. Telfa) Gauze pads, roll gauze Triple antibiotic […]

Strategic Deworming: Take a Stand Against Parasite Resistance!


As equine veterinarians, we have an obligation to preserve the future effectiveness of current medications so that they can continue to help horses in years to come.  In the past, parasite control programs involved aggressive rotational deworming at two month intervals.   These programs were geared toward eliminating the large strongyle bloodworm (Strongylus vulgaris) and proved […]