When Shockwave Therapy is Used


Shockwave Therapy + Premier EquineDr. Alison Powers and her staff use compassion and the latest technology to keep your horse healthy. Dr. Powers has been using shockwave therapy for 10 years and all of her staff are qualified to bring this treatment right to your barn.

What is it?
Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive procedure to help boost the horse’s healing process. We use a hydroelectric machine to emit focused shockwaves to the injured area. This helps the body recognize the exact spot it needs to be focusing on to heal properly.

When do we use it?
Though there are many uses for this type of therapy, we most commonly prescribe it for tendon and ligament injuries. This is a safe procedure that has helped our patients heal faster. We’ve found the quality of healing from shockwave therapy actually helps reduce the possibility of future injuries.

Is it painful?
The procedure itself is usually painless, unless the shockwave therapy is used in a spot where it must go through a bone. In these cases we will sedate the horse, but once the sedation wears off, no pain should remain.